How a first person reading helps us understand the Spiritual Blessings given from our Identity in Christ
2 Ways we can use Legal Precedent + 4 Dimensions of church history's "Wesleyan Quadrilateral" to reveal "How we can Know Truth?" You know I have a chart…
This series outlines a framework to approach truth. We first define what truth is not, and provide 3 lenses to identify what truth is.
Processing through my relationship with overwork. How to refocus life on what's important. Review on "How to Win at Work and Succeed at Life" by Michael…
In the Story of the Bible, who is the Truly Human One? Is there any hope for a world headed towards self-destruction?
Affirmation// Identity 1: PowerListen now | How Declarations of Identity and Power from the late Pastor Walt remind me of my Identity in Christ
History’s most popular passage of love, rewritten in a first person affirmation. Multiple translations of 1 Cor 13 are blended together for richer…
How I start every day with intention and direction, even when self doubt chatter plays in my head.
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