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Affirmation// Identity 1: Power

How Declarations of Identity and Power from the late Pastor Walt remind me of my Identity in Christ

Andrew Choflet
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Growing up in central New Jersey, I became very close with our church community. The leaders and pastors helped me grow from childhood into maturity, and shaped the person I am today.

While I have much to be thankful for from Pastor Walt Healy and Pastor Jim "PJ" Wehrer, one area I'd like to highlight relates to my identity.

While the topic of identity itself is better suited for another day, I will always remember the conversations with PJ and the Notes-Based Affirmations he shared with the leaders. This actually became one of the first affirmations I started using.

For myself and many other Christians, this served as a simple reminder of who we become when accepting our new identity in Christ. I printed it out, and even brought it with me to Uni - posting it up in my dorm room, and continuing to reflect on it each day.

Then one day I tuned into the online services for Grace & Peace. I heard Pastor Walt simplify the message of identity, and it stuck with me to this day. It was actually a type of origin for me to systemize notes into scripts, so I could bring the affirmations from routine to memory more easily.

There's nothing special about getting the exact wording right in my affirmations. I just find a script helps me hold on to the message, and verbally permit the change to come into my life.

So in the words of the late Pastor Walt Healy, I present to you...

Affirmation Begins: Declarations of Identity and Power

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I Receive the Fruit of the Spirit

Because Jesus lives in me, I am a Lovely person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Joyful person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Peaceful person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Patient person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Kind person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Good person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Gentle person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Faithful person
Because Jesus lives in me, I'm a Temperate person

Thank you Father

I have an inheritance.
I'm a joint heir with Jesus Christ.
I have the mind of Christ.
I have the wisdom of Christ.
I have the power of Christ.
I have the health of Christ. 

As He is in heaven so am I on Earth.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches and glory through Christ Jesus.

The Greater One abides in me.

Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world. 
No circumstances, no situations, no thing can come against me and overtake me.
No sickness. No anxiety. No fear. No stress. No Worry. No financial burden.
Neither will anything overtake my mind.
Because Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world. 

I have renewed my mind, and will regularly renew my mind by the word of the living God.
It shall cause me to prosper in every area of my life.
I will be a living epistle of the living Christ, read and known by all men.
And the world will see in me Jesus.
In all his power, In all his glory, because I'm being changed, day-by-day from glory-to-glory.


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📅 Affirmation adopted on: July 4, 2017

Shoutout to Pastor Walt’s continued legacy, the life of his family, and my good friends Mitchell & Jameson. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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