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Hey Hero, Andrew here...

You know that feeling of climbing a ladder? One leg at a time, day after day... year after year.... until you finally make it to the top, and realize it was on the wrong building?

I've heard people talk about this with their careers and milestones, but what if we're also doing this with our lives as a whole? What if our direction covers more than just our jobs, but the whole connected web of our experiences?

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If we play out our pursuits to the very end, where does that lead us? What were we ultimately looking for in the first place?

There’s tons of people talking about this, and while I've saved the details in a post for another day, I suggest we need Freedom through Holistic Personal Growth.

Here's a small snippet of what I've come to understand about our world...

Our lives exist in what I call, the "5 Bubbles"

Some people experience this linearly, while others pop in and out, but ultimately, I find we're all in pursuit of the same basic things:


We tend to seek anchors for ourselves in our jobs, our education, our lifestyle, yet somehow we never have enough money, never enough resources... But what if we did?

Maybe your job sucks the life out of you, or maybe it’s great, but you’re tired of trading time for money. What then would we be in pursuit of?


Maybe we just needed the time to enjoy our recourses and hobbies? Well somehow, we never have enough time… the weekend is too short, the vacation is never long enough, and the summer eventually comes to an end.

We can’t get our time back, but we can certainly manage it better in the rhythms of our life. Yet even given all the time in the world, we’ll ultimately get burnt out without the appropriate fuel to sustain us...


Well, the fuel that keeps our physical bodies running is Moving, Eating, and Sleeping.

Maybe if we take care of our bodies to get the right balance, surely then we can enjoy this life we're creating for ourselves right?

Unless a life lived alone is a life that dies with ourselves...


Then real meaning must come from sharing these experiences with the people around us! At least, until we get our hearts broken… Then what? Well, we still seek belonging, so what are we actually looking for…?


Faith is trust. But it’s trust in a god who defines good and bad, and not all gods are working from the same definition…

So who is our God? A religion? A childhood story? Ourself? A good friend, mentor, or force that connects us all? What does that even mean? And what does this god say about finding the good life? 

Well, this is the personal journey I'll invite you into. To embrace an Agile Faith with me.

The Center

Each sphere of life could stand on its own, but should it? What if they came together and we started stacking our efforts, rather than moving them in opposite directions?

As we uncover the mystery of who our God is, we can identify the true pursuits of our Faith. We can share our deepest, and most personal insights with the people closest to us, our Family. We can strive to live life to the fullest, and tap into our deepest energy by getting fueled with Fitness. And with the right balance of fun and function, we can actually enjoy our Future. Of course, we'll need a Finance engine, so why not optimize it?

As long as we don't forget why we're doing it all in the first place...

We would need a Faith that can respond quickly to the changing landscape around us; an Agile Faith we can call our own.

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Having an Agile Faith is...

  • ...claiming our own beliefs, our Spiritual Relationships, from theory to action; especially in the middle of so much conflicting and polarizing information.

  • ...cultivating coherent and empathetic responses, even if a Friend, Stranger, YouTuber, or Expert, has a different view. (PS. no human has it all figured out).

  • ...humbly seeking, testing, and living, holding on to what is good and casting aside what is not beneficial, even if it was a big part of our cultural tradition.

  • ...orienting ourselves in alignment to the giver of life, creator of all things, the embodiment of love and reason; I call him Jesus, but maybe you may know him by another name.

This blog is designed to encourage and challenge heroes like yourself in our shared journey of life. I’ll be sharing the process I go through of also continuing to step into a faith I can call my own, and all the dominos that come with it.

Can you resonate?
If so, feel free to join the journey with me right here:

You’re a Hero who would like this if...

  • You’re new to a spiritual journey, or even completely unfamiliar with practical discussions/ behaviors of an Agile Faith.

  • You’re curious or open to exploring the hard questions that make your faith, beliefs, and views your own.

  • You’re struggling or have deconstructed your faith, but are still hopeful in your pursuit of reconstructing in this new world of mystery.

  • You’re thriving in your spiritual relationship and are excited to go deeper.

Why a Hero? Because you own the story of your life (more on this coming soon.)

This is not your traditionalist Sunday school or whitewashed children’s story. Agile Faith is here to encourage you to explore new ideas, to doubt and hold on to truth, to find your boundaries in a world without walls, and ultimately make your beliefs your own.

And selfishly… I’m writing Agile Faith to get out of my head and track progress over time. Having a place to publish ideas and conversations gives me the accountability to flesh out the thought train. Your feedback encourages me to continue writing, and challenges me to continue thinking about a topic. Thank you ⭐️

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If you had someone come to mind as you were reading this, use it as an opportunity to reconnect. You can share this post with them as an excuse to start the conversation.

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